Medical devices are measuring devices for medical measurements, and therefore it is extremely important that they work correctly and measure accurately, because from these basic measurements through data processing and calculations, analyses, interpretations, printouts, reports are formed, based on which doctors draw conclusions, diagnoses and determine the direction of treatment .

The development of medical devices is an extremely complex process and is subject to a large number of directives, standards, recommendations, which the device must comply with in terms of functionality and especially safety (depending on the purpose of the device). During the development process of the device, attention is paid to the design of electronic, mechanical, or optical circuits in order to provide solutions and performance that ensure minimal possibilities of device failure.

Despite all the above-mentioned attention, device malfunctions still occur. In these situations, we provide users with a service where, after the repair, we must check the full functionality of the device as well as the safety of the device for the patient and the user. In cases where it takes a long time to fix a malfunction (for example, due to waiting for a spare part from the manufacturer), if possible, we temporarily provide users with a replacement device so that they can continue working (ecg, spirometer, defibrillator, pulse oximeter, monitor, aspirator, inhaler, some devices for physical therapy … etc.).

In particular, we would like to draw the attention of users that when the device is working, it is advisable to check the full functionality of the device once a year, calibrate the device if necessary and perform a safety check of the device according to IEC 60601 in the service center or at the user’s place. By performing this procedure, you are sure of the correctness, accuracy and safety of the device for you and the patient. There is also another way of conducting checks that is particularly interesting for larger health institutions that have their own technical service.

In our sales program, we offer devices for testing and checking medical devices of the world-famous company RIGEL Medical, of which we are an authorized representative.

It is a whole series of simulators and analyzers of medical devices:

  • simulators of vital functions: they simulate various waveforms of ECG signals, arrhythmias, respiration, saturation (SpO2), temperature, non-invasive pressure, invasive pressure, fetal simulation…

  • analyzers of defibrillators, electrosurgical generators, infusion pumps

  • gas flow analyzers – checking flow parameters and pressures in respirators / ventilators

  • electrical safety analyzers according to IEC 60601 and IEC 62353: examination and verification of electrical values of various discharge currents, insulation and grounding of the device – measurements depending on the type and class of the device being tested.

These devices are also intended for use in hospitals, polyclinics, health centers by your technical staff. You can independently check the correctness and safety of medical devices in the institution with periodic examinations. In addition to increasing the quality of your healthcare facility, you reduce equipment maintenance costs and ultimately save money as a healthcare facility. Along with the delivery of simulators and analyzers, we provide training for your technical staff to work with the devices.

If you have additional questions, please contact us by e-mail or phone, we will be happy to answer all your additional questions.

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